How to Win Women’s Hearts Through the Art of Flirting

Women prefer a gradual build-up. Allow yourself time.

If all you want is casual sex and you don’t care if she has a brain or a personality, then discussions about shared values’ and ‘compatibility’ will be of little interest. If, on the other hand, you’re seeking something more serious and long-term, spend some time getting to know her before engaging in boyfriend-girlfriend behavior.

Women prefer to be wooed rather than jumped on. They prefer to establish rapport and trust with you before getting down and dirty. You can swiftly assist her to acquire that sense of knowing and trusting you through the skillful application of specific NLP-style rapport tactics, but you will need to invest time learning those abilities – as with anything worthwhile. Once a comfortable connection has been established, create some space. Retrace your steps. Allow her space to approach you. If she is truly interested, she will express it. As if a magnet.

The same is true for sex. Proceed cautiously. Make no hasty decisions on when to begin or when to end. Women take longer to arouse than men do, but once there, they can stay hot for much longer than the majority of males can. If you want the courage to approach any lady you desire and the self-esteem to dismiss the occasional rejection without hesitation, practice the technique and you will quickly master it.

Love is a wonderful emotion, and lovers are always eager to be together. However, what if both lovers are thousands of miles apart? Then this delightful sensation transforms into feelings of loneliness and extreme self-control to prevent getting led away by members of the opposing sex. Not only is long-distance love terrible to hear, but it is also tough to maintain.

Each couple has their own unique reason for being apart, but they all have one concern: how to make their long-distance relationship successful. The following suggestions will assist you in sustaining a long-distance relationship:

Communicate: Effective communication is critical. Without communication, no relationship can last. Your first priority should be to maintain regular contact. Assuming you are close, ensure that you communicate frequently and share everything you have. Bear in mind that the less you see each other, the more you need to hear from one another.

Every day, pick up the phone or sit in front of the computer and spend at least 15 minutes chatting with your partner. Instant Messaging services such as google, yahoo, and MSN are an excellent and cost-effective way to communicate. Additionally, everyone adores emoticons.

Send an email or electronic greeting card expressing your affection. Additionally, receiving a letter via normal mail produces magic.

Additionally, it is critical to communicate beyond feelings of love and “miss you’s.” To maintain a sense of connection and reliance on one another, discuss your daily lives, both the ups and downs.

It is rarely passion that brings long-distance love to an end, but rather a lack of communication, which is why it is critical to fantasize and prepare for the next vacation to demonstrate that you still care and are always available.

When partners communicate their love, care, and worry successfully in a long-distance relationship, the spark never dies and love always wins the game of life.

Keep his/her photograph with you and send a few of your own to your sweetheart. This is a critical phase in surviving long-distance love, as the two of you cannot be physically together.

If possible, schedule visits. This may not always be possible, but do your best and never miss an opportunity to visit your love partner. When partners are thousands of miles apart, arrange an online date – dress up, create a romantic atmosphere, and then connect with your lover through webcam and headphones. In a nutshell, have fun with your e-date. This will assist you in preserving the enchantment of love.

While maintaining the spark in a long-distance relationship is tough, it is not impossible. Therefore, do not let the number of miles separate you from your love.

Okay, gentlemen, someone needs to inform you what’s going on since, clearly, you can’t take the hint. Believe it or not, flirting IS an ART. Here are a few pointers –

1. Do not immediately request our phone number. It makes you appear strange, and we don’t want any important information to fall into the hands of a psycho-stalker. If we haven’t spoken for a minimum of 15 minutes, the answer is no.

2. Do not holler at us while we are driving. Are you certain we’re going to pull over and speak with you? Seriously, I’m not sure what you’re attempting with that.

3. Avoid staring. Once again, you appear to be an oddball. Instead, how about a pleasant smile and nod? Consider, then consider AWAY. This indicates that I am both interested and not an escaped mental patient.

4. Do not expect us to engage in conversation if you buy us a drink across the bar. While this is a great gesture, it does not compel us to come over there. If you wish to speak with us, make an effort. We dislike people who are too arrogant to come over and say ‘hello.’

5. Do not contact us the same evening we met. It makes you appear needy… and a little bit sinister. Put off your decision until tomorrow.

6. Avoid bragging about how amazing you are. If you are truly amazing, we can ascertain this for ourselves.

7. Just because we’re out with a group of gals does not mean we’re available or interested in speaking with you. If you approach us in a group, we will immediately recognize your objective. Wait for the proper moment to speak privately with the girl you adore.