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Beau and Lily, the sporty high-class escorts, make for an exciting threesome.

Every now and again, two high-class escorts meet during a picture shoot, course day, or booking who have an unusually strong bond. That is exactly what happened during a recent session with escort Lily from The Hague and escort Beau from Tilburg. We understand the connection because females have several unique characteristics. Both females are slim brunettes with feminine curves in the perfect places. However, in addition to their exterior similarities, both escorts have a legal background from university. They instantly compared which university education they had completed or were actively pursuing, and the connection grew from there.

Both escort Beau and escort Lily enjoy sports and may be found at the gym on a daily basis. This will be one of the reasons they have such a great figure. Beau and Lily assisted each other with the lingerie pieces they brought with them for the photo session. Although both ladies appeared to be wearing sensual lingerie set with suspenders and stockings, they also appeared to be wearing an athletic set. That stimulated our imagination, and we hope it inspires you as well. Beau and Lily are looking forward to their athletic duo adventures in the bedroom… and beyond.

Lily, a high-class escort from The Hague, recounts

“As you may know, when you exercise, your brain releases a variety of chemicals. Endocrine, serotonin, and dopamine: these are the feel-good chemicals that make you happy and euphoric! As a true hedonist, I like physical activity and exercise. Throughout my adolescence, I engaged in top-level sports and competed at a high level in international contests. Because of my academics, I had to take a break, but it did not mean I had to stop being active. I still like sports, ranging from running and rollerblading to volleyball and tennis, as well as climbing and diving. Of course, being so active is how I keep my great physique.

Did you know that exercising can help you reduce your stress levels? I’m sure you can see why I’m such a laid-back person now. I’d love to include you in my active lifestyle, which I share with the sexy Beau. When I initially laid eyes on this stunning lady’s bottom, it became evident that we share a love of sports. We quickly discovered that Beau and I have a number of interests, in addition to our legal backgrounds. We also enjoy excellent sex, adventurous threesomes, and naughtier inclinations like role play, fetish, and BDSM. I’d love to work up a sweat with you and Beau soon!”

Beau, a high-class escort from Tilburg, tells

“A good activity causes my heart to race. I’m up for a good trek, a refreshing swim, or a bike ride! I’ve always enjoyed sports, and my weekends were always filled with hockey games and horseback riding when I was a kid. I recently spent time as a glacier guide climbing in Iceland, and the combination of great nature and various (dangerous) sports really gets me going. But do you know what I think is the nicest thing to do after a hot and humid sporting event? A satisfying and energizing shower. Will you jump in the shower with me?

I’d also like to have a refreshing shower — and more – with the lovely Lily. She also causes my heart to race. During a recent photoshoot, we got our photograph taken together. My hands slid over her hips and booty, I peered into her alluring eyes, and I had to stop myself from kissing her deeply and exploring her gorgeous body further. I can’t wait…”